Corporate Event Planner in Sydney & Melbourne

An event is hard to define. It could be any size, any style or anywhere in the world! This is why DNA is proud to offer you a full 360 conceptual event management service across a diverse spectrum of events. Crafting an immersive event is to create an experience that is special and innovative to your audience. We focus on measured outcomes, detailed consideration and planning, to provide you with a perfectly tailored event. Your event experience begins with the first point of contact. We work with you to design and create an event brand to ensure cohesion and consistency for your event.

Your Event Destination

We get it! Your event needs to be one to remember. Our in-house travel specialists work with you to find a destination to WOW your event attendees. Destination and venue are crucial to a conference as it sets an atmosphere for your event that you’ll never forget.

  • Ingenious Destination & Venue research
  • Collaborative Destination Selection
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Seasonal Procurement
  • Local Knowledge

Your Event Innovation

Our event team are master innovators, bringing robust creativity, ingenious ideas and cautious planning to develop an event concept that is unique, exciting and beautiful.

We design events tailored to your needs, innovating all along the way to make sure that you’re impressed at every step.

  • Program Design
  • Event Design
  • Stunning Theming
  • Event Production
  • Incentive and Reward Procurement
  • Product Launch Design
  • Bespoke guest experiences
  • Speaker suggestions and selection
  • Creative Direction
  • Print/Digital Media Concept Design and Development

Your Event Logistics

An event of any size has a plethora of logistics components. A full production, logistics and support service at DNA ensures that the conference concepts are brought to life and successfully deployed. Our expert team will deliver an event that is of the highest standard, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring every detail is perfect.

  • Travel & Transfer Management
  • Accommodation Procurement and Management
  • Registration, Attendee and RSVP Management
  • Insurance, Safety and Security
  • Budget Management
  • Audio Visual Production/Logistics management
  • Creative Design and Development
  • Stage Management
  • Food and Beverage Planning
  • On Site Guest Management
  • Staffing


As our core business, we are proud to offer you a full 360 conceptual event management service across a diverse spectrum of events and functions.


From Conception to production and staging, your conference involves impeccable amounts of planning, logistics and management


We endeavour to constantly adapt and innovate to offer the best possible experience to your business’s incentive travel program

Event Management
Event Management