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Sydney: A day in the East

Sydney’s Eastern suburbs are regarded as the ‘stomping ground for Sydney’s high rollers’ and the area itself has everything you could possibly need – beaches, shopping, cafés, restaurants, bars, gyms and the list goes on. The demographics of the Eastern Suburbs, although predominantly made up of Sydney’s wealthiest, is also home to plenty of young people in shared housing (found often in the trendy suburb of Paddington), tourists (found mostly in Bondi) and the elderly (found everywhere).


The infamous Bondi Beach is a frequently visited destination for most tourists travelling to Sydney. The highly popular tourist destination is a result of powerful marketing strategies, easy access by public transport, and the famous Bondi Beach lifeguards showcased on the popular TV series ‘Bondi Rescue’. I personally find the beach to be somewhat unpleasant, due to the large crowds and unnatural tourist additions, however, I do find the surrounding areas of Bondi to be ‘must visit’ destinations. The Bondi to Bronte walk is one of the most iconic walking trails in Sydney and is an essential experience when in the area. When on the East side of town, I will usually park at Bronte Beach and take the walking trail to Tamarama Beach, for a less populated and pleasant experience. Bondi does, however, in my opinion, offer some of the best bars, cafes and restaurants in Sydney, so I will always make the effort to visit for a delicious brunch or an afternoon beer.

Food Options

Porch & Parlour

Porch & Parlour is one of my favourite places to eat in Bondi. Expect to wait for at least 10 minutes when visiting this popular café, as there are not many tables and both Bondi locals and tourists love to eat here. The rustic interior and stylish baristas at Porch & Parlour match seamlessly with the trendy vibe Bondi emulates. Make sure you try the Green Bowl – it will leave you feeling full, nourished, and ready for a day of soaking up the sun and fighting backpackers rip.

Lox, Stock & Barrel

The food here is fresh and delicious. Hidden away in the backstreets of Bondi, this little nook provides the goods with organic produce, great coffee and friendly staff. The menu is diverse, offering all things porridge, French toast, sandwiches, salads and desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, go for the Brioche French Toast, or if savoury, the Bowlarama is always a winner!

Drink Options

Hotel Ravesis

This boutique hotel offers stylish beachside accommodation, as well as a trendy public bar, with a stunning terrace overlooking Bondi Beach. This is a great place to relax with a cocktail, enjoy some tasty snacks from the diverse menu and watch the sunset over the most popular beach in Australia.

Bondi Icebergs

If you haven’t seen the classic Icebergs beach pool photo flooding your Instagram feed, you’ve been living under a rock. Bondi Icebergs is a well-known landmark and the venue itself offers not only a pool but also a gym, yoga platform, café, restaurant and bar. The views from inside the restaurant are breathtaking, overlooking the pool and the entire landscape of Bondi Beach. Watch the Iceberg members swim laps in the pool and the beachgoers take a dip in backpackers rip, while you enjoy a glass of sparkling in the crisp aircon.

Milk Beach

Milk beach is located at the base of Hermit Bay, within the Sydney Harbour National Park. The beach itself is a small isolated strip of sand and is surrounded by plenty of rocks, which make for great sunbaking spots. Milk Beach is not as well known as some of the other Eastern Suburb Beaches, as it is not as easy to find. In order to reach this secluded beach, you will need to drive towards Neilson Park, find the trail to the left-hand side of the beach and follow it on a 10-minute journey on foot through the National Park. Once at Milk Beach, enjoy the privacy and swim off the rocks into the crystal-clear harbour looking onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Food & Drink Options

The Neilson

As Milk Beach is completely secluded, if you fancy something to eat or drink, you will have to take the trail back to Neilson Park where you will find ‘The Neilson’. This venue has both a casual takeaway café where you can purchase items such as wraps, salads, coffees and milkshakes to name a few, as well as a more upper-class restaurant, where proper sit-down meals can be enjoyed, as well as a nice list of wine and beers.

Camp Cove

Camp Cove offers all things swimming, snorkelling, boating, and paddle boarding while providing stunning harbour views looking directly onto Chowder Bay. Camp Cove is surprisingly accessible, as the Watsons Bay ferry wharf is located only a 10-minute walk away, with regular direct ferries to and from Circular Quay. This scenic beach is a great location to spend the day picnicking on the grassy hill or enjoying a good book on the rocks away from the crowds. As Camp Cove is situated in Sydney Harbour National Park, there is a great walk that takes in the scenery, accessible through the South Head Heritage Trail.

Food Options

Camp Cove Cafe

This little nook is the only place at Camp Cove where food & drinks are available. The cute exterior of this beach shack style café really sets the tone for a day at Camp Cove. There are plenty of options on the menu for both breakfast and lunch, nice light meals like sandwiches, salads, avocado toast, coffees & juices. Grab some takeaway avocado toast & an iced latte, pick a nice spot on the beach and enjoy your meal whilst relaxing in the sun and overlooking the beautiful turquoise water.

Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is a cute little beachy suburb located on the South Head Peninsula of Sydney. The area is surrounded by small beach shacks, making you feel as though you have taken a quick trip to Byron Bay for the day. Despite it being a long trip by car or bus, Watsons Bay can be quickly reached by a direct ferry from Circular Quay, alight directly in front of the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

Food & Drinks Options

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

This venue is the perfect place to relax in the sun, sip on a cocktail, enjoy great food and take in the beautiful harbourside serenity. Not only does Watsons Bay Boutique hotel offer a bar & restaurant, but the premier accommodation is a great place to escape for the weekend and experience the luxurious Eastern Suburbs lifestyle. This little oasis can be accessed directly from the Watsons Bay ferry wharf, which is only a short 20-minute ferry ride from Sydney’s CBD.

Doyles on the Beach

This extremely popular restaurant has been family operated for over 5 generations and was the first Seafood restaurant to open in Australia in 1885. This restaurant offers only the freshest seafood and with this provides stunning views across the harbour and towards the city. Make sure you try the fish & chips! A classic dish is done perfectly.

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