5 Step Process to Solving an Event Crisis

No one wants to experience a crisis at an event; however, sometimes, these types of things do happen. It’s always important to have a plan figured out before the event starts, so you do not become frustrated and flustered if a crisis does occur.

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Explaining Emergency Evacuation Routes

At the start of the event, you should spend a moment or two familiarising people with the room. Let them know where emergency exits are, or, at the least, be sure that the signs are fairly obvious. The party space should also have notes regarding what to do if there is a fire, and emergency numbers should be readily available.

The Cause of the Problem

Some crisis situations are not possible to handle by yourself, but you can do the best you can at managing them. For example, let’s say that a group of people start screaming that another person has fallen to the ground. The first problem is not the individuals screaming; it is getting to the person who has fallen. Therefore, you need to address the most serious issue first, and then you can handle the smaller repercussions later on.

Organising the People

If something does happen, either you or an associate needs to start organising everyone. For example, let’s return to the person who is lying on the floor. Having a crowd of individuals gasping and telling you what to do is not going to be helpful. Therefore, you need to let people know that they have to move away from the scene. If possible, put someone else in charge of this task. He or she can lead people to the other side of the room, and explain the importance of giving the other individual room to receive help.

Looking for Professional Help

Maybe one of the chandeliers on the ceiling has crashed to the floor or an electrical outlet seems to not be working. After ensuring that everyone in the area is okay, it’s time to start looking for professional help. Trying to clean up glass or playing with the electric by yourself can be extremely dangerous. The reception venue will be able to take care of the problem for you, and, if not, the staff will have people who they can call to the deal with the issue. Do not try to take on everything by yourself.

Remaining Calm

The words calm and crisis generally do not belong together. However, if you are the head of the company, people are going to look toward you for an example. The moment you begin to panic, the rest of the individuals in attendance will do so too. Try to remain focused on solving the issue in the best way that you can, and stay as calm as humanly possible.

It’s unfortunate that event crises happen, but they are a part of life. Therefore, it’s important to know how to handle these situations when they do arise. This will be a result of successful event management practices.

World’s Best Events of the Christmas Season

The holiday season is one of the happiest times of the year, with shop fronts transforming into Christmas wonderlands and joy filling the heart of every young child. Whether you’re spoiling your children or you’re a big kid at heart, the holiday season offers some of the best events throughout the entire calendar year. Events range from extravagant Christmas displays and traditional exhibitions to party celebrations on the beach. However you choose to spend your Christmas season, be sure to check out some of these world class events.

Christmas at the Rockefeller Center

Transforming into a winter wonderland, the Rockefeller Center in New York City truly puts on a show to remember. Visitors can take their pick from a number of fun festivities, including the tree lighting ceremony, a spin in the ice skating rink or watching all the magic from an exclusive area in Rockefeller Plaza. This Christmas extravaganza attracts millions of visitors each year, with families travelling from all around the world to see the events between November and January.

World's Best Christmas Events

World's Best Christmas Events (Photo by Vince Alongi)

International Festival of Advent & Christmas Music

For a more traditional approach to the holiday season, you can’t go past a trip to Prague for the International Festival of Advent & Christmas Music. The event has been held consecutively for 22 years and combines a traditional display of performances from chamber, mixed, homogeneous, homophonic and big group choirs.

Full Moon Party

For those who are looking to party through the holiday season, there’s no beating the spectacular sights of the Full Moon Party, located in Ko Pha Ngan. While this celebration occurs during every full moon, the greatest festivities are enjoyed throughout December and January. Millions of travellers flock to the shores of Ko Pha Ngan to party until the early hours of the morning, drink a lot of alcohol, dance the night away and, of course, see the breathtaking full moon.

Christmas around the World

One of the largest nativity displays in the world can be found in the beautiful surrounds of California. This extravagant event attracts thousands of visitors each year, from all across the world. Adults, children and people of all ages will enjoy the elegant displays of Christmas tradition, which truly brings the spirit back to the season. The event features more than 2000 nativity displays, from over 40 different countries. Everything about Christmas has found its way to California, with in excess of 600 nutcrackers, vintage nativity scenes and artistic seasonal designs being displayed at the event.

This Christmas, when you’re sitting back and enjoying one of the many festivities on offer, spare a thought for the hard working efforts of the event management company who orchestrated this extravagant affair. Years of preparation often go into creating unforgettable events, particularly those of worldwide proportions. Teams of event planners spend every waking moment creating a magical event for your family to enjoy – what better to spread the Christmas spirit!