Create The Incentive Event Of A Lifetime While Still Promoting Your Business

It has been proven that incentive programs dramatically increase performance. In fact, the return can be as high as four or five times that of other capital investments. Many companies achieve their objectives and improvement in performance simply by organising an incentive program. Tangible rewards, such as travel, are more motivating simply because the participant is seduced into an exciting visualisation of what is in store.


A trip away can be extremely effective at motivating employee performance. Incentive events have long been recognised as an influential tool in achieving business objectives. Even those participants, who do not achieve their goals during an incentive event, have gone on to perform better and have learnt fair and clear lessons towards their progress. By implementing a strategic program, your team will achieve your financial goals.

Where to Go

Choose somewhere that has unique characteristics that will leave a memorable impression on the attendees. Exotic locations, hinterland hideaways or even short cruises are some of the choices you have. Engage in expressive team building exercises such as abseiling, a bridge climb or zip lining. Other activities could include world class cocktail making, golf or excursions.

Incentive Events

Incentive Events (Photo by ImagineCup)


There are companies that specialise in corporate event gifts. Provide participants with something they would not purchase themselves, that way its value will always be associated with the incentive event they took part in. Do not reward anyone with something that is consumed quickly. It will quickly be forgotten and will leave no lasting recognition. The right award can add enormous value to your event experience.


Heavily promote your company to remind participants why they are there and also, to keep associated as a group. Have polo shirts and journals printed with the company’s logo. Other products to encourage participation and motivation include printed caps, satchels and promotional keepsakes. Design a promotional theme with banners, on food and on rewards and this constant reminder will encourage attendees to become team players. Leaders in organised activities will unknowingly stand out.

The Program

A printed program is something attendees can refer to throughout the program and will also be a reminder keepsake of the incentive event of a lifetime they have just participated in. An event management company can organise cost control, individualised attention, customise the event and travel arrangements and will negotiate with suppliers to provide the highest level of service at all times. Program managers can be provided to assist with the smooth transition and execution of events throughout the entire program.

Employees are continually looking at ways to retain and reward good staff. A properly organised program of incentive events can be the strongest motivational tool ever put in place by any company. Try to make the rewards have some personal meaning for employees. Studies have, in fact, proven that employees respond to incentive programs with increased productivity and loyalty. This is more than an event, this is a great way to promote your business and build strong relationships along the way with participants.

Top 10 Helpful Tips For Incentive Group Travel

Companies have the power to change their direction by running successful incentive groups. The company will then reap the rewards of increased productivity and employee loyalty. Your team will be motivated and in turn, rewarded for meeting financial targets. There are many factors that have to be taken into account when organising a group travel program.


Take into account the number travelling in the group, fares and the type of accommodation. Also decide upon the number of inclusions to be included, such as meals, excursions and activities.


Every travel incentive must be of the highest quality, and it is up to the management to ensure that happens. Onsite staff should be on hand to make every individual feel welcome. Make sure that a post program evaluation report is done.

Theme Events

Themes can be fun and keep participants interested. Choose your location and then organise a suitable theme. Event management can help with this, as they have access to the latest technology and have the ability to secure unique items. Promotional t shirts and caps can be printed for group attendees to wear.


Determine objectives and what the company wants to achieve. Decide if this program will be educational as well. Work out what will motivate the participants. The main objective is to increase employee performance to achieve goals and strengthen relationships within the organisation.

Program Design

Print or email a program detailing daily events and what the incentive rewards will be. Prior to your travel, forward participants enticing photos and snippets of information about their destination.


Locations are limitless. A short cruise, a stay overseas or interstate, whatever location is chosen, just make sure it has some unique qualities about it, so the participants will be eager to attend and will be left with a lasting impression.

Length of Time Away

Most incentive group travel lasts between 3 days and one week. Take into account how much you really need to cover.


For groups, an action-filled weekend of bridge climbing, white water rafting or zip lining could be organised. Golf, tennis, massages or beach parties can be used to relax attendees.

Incentive Group Travel

Incentive Group Travel (Photo by Full On Adventure)

Groups or Individuals

Assess the company situation and decide whether you want to organise a group program or individual programs. For individuals, weekends away or accommodation certificates could be utilised.


Promotional welcome gifts are always well received. A company’s dilemma is often what to give. Cash is easy but is usually a poor motivator. Cash has no defined shelf life and may be subject to tax.
Merchandise, a trophy or travel incentive is a memorable incentive that will last for years. Make sure an award structure is developed.

Travel incentives as a reward gives the company the opportunity to get to know the top achievers. You are also giving participants a memory to last a lifetime and informing them of what the company has in store for them over the next year. Travel incentive programs must be of the highest standard and well managed. To make the participants feel like they are doing something exclusive, an incentive company travel program should best be able to deliver a promotional package of outstanding quality.

Out of the Box Incentive Rewards

Creating incentive groups within your organisation is a great way to increase productivity levels, along with boosting employee morale. More and more companies are beginning to understand the benefits of incentive programs, many after seeing improvements in profits and quality of work. Whether you’re a modern company or simply like to do things a little differently, offering out of the box rewards is a great way to get your corporate team motivated. For some excellent ideas on interesting incentive rewards, check out our list below.

Adventure Tours

Why not test the limits of your team, by treating your employees to an action packed day of thrill-seeking fun! Adventure tours are become more popular as rewards for incentive groups, with many companies offering day tours of bridge climbs, helicopter rides and even sky diving! While this may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it sure is a great way to get the enthusiasm levels around the office soaring sky high!

Out of the Box Incentive Rewards

Out of the Box Incentive Rewards (Photo by ImagineCup)

Lessons & Courses

Personalising your incentive program can mean a great deal more to your employees. While gift vouchers and merchandise products are great for an all-round reward, personalisation can go a long way. Most people have the ambition to improve themselves in some way, whether it be learning a new language or taking guitar lessons. Whatever the desires of your corporate team, choose rewards that can turn their dreams into realities!

Relax & Rejuvenate

If your team members are being reward for their hard work and long hours in the office, what better way to help them along by providing them with a relaxing or pampering experience? The idea of day spas and retreats is sure to have your team beating their previous bests, offering a reward that everyone can enjoy. Relaxation packages often give employees the chance to spend quality time their significant other or entire family, creating an even further rewarding experience for your team.

Overseas Travel

If you’re looking for the ultimate incentive for boosting hard work and productivity, there’s no beating an overseas holiday. Reward your team with the experience of a lifetime, as they embark on a journey to the far corners of the globe. Providing your employees with an unbeatable experience, such as this, is a great way to improve the mood of the office and create a little friendly competition.

Get Expert Advice

Various event management companies offer expert recommendations on the best strategies for incentive management. As aforementioned, incentive groups are a fantastic way to boost office morale and increase the rate of productivity for your organisation. Implementing a unique incentive rewards system can require a tailor-made program, with specialised event management companies offering unbeatable services. Be proactive and create an efficient incentive groups program by employing the professional services of an event management company today!

Top 5 Ideas for Incentive Group Rewards

Incentive groups provide great benefits for both employers and staff members. Many companies use incentive programs to increase workplace productivity, encourage initiative and reward hard working efforts. An incentive group can assist in motivating employees to achieve desired results and financial objectives. Everyone likes to be appreciated for hard work, so why not implement an incentive program into your workplace today and start seeing the results you want!

Gift Certificates

If you’ve decided to provide regular rewards, in fortnightly or monthly intervals to your team members, consider a standard incentive, such as a gift certificate. Most retail outlets, online stores, department stores and restaurants now offer convenient gift certificate products. Gift certificates are great for unisex prizes and allow companies to maintain an efficient rewards system.

Team Building Workshops

One of the most popular incentive rewards, many companies choose to offer team building style workshops for incentive rewards. Nowadays, team building exercises can include everything from mountain treks and rock climbing to surfing lessons and tailor-made programs.

Weekend Getaway

If you’ve decided to reward one employee, rather than a team, a weekend getaway is a great incentive for increasing productivity and creating healthy competition within the workplace. Weekend getaways can be as simple as a night in a luxury hotel, allowing your employees to gain some much deserved rest and relaxation. Many hotels provide businesses with a corporate rate, particularly when making numerous bookings. If you’ve found a hotel that suits your needs, discuss the option of a discounted rate, for a more economical rewards program.

Tickets to a Show or Game

Purchasing season corporate box tickets for sporting events can be a great way to offer employees a convenient, yet rewarding experience. Some team members will have families and other existing commitments, leaving them unable to enjoy a weekend getaway or team building workshop. Offering tickets to a sporting game or other show can help to ensure that all employees benefit from the incentive program. Taking just a few hours out of a weekend, corporate box tickets can provide a great way for employees to enjoy their reward with their family.

Top Ideas for Incentive Groups

Top Ideas for Incentive Groups (Photo by ankewill)

International Group Tours

Group tours, both national and international, provide one of the best rewards for incentive programs. While employees will love this overseas adventure, it will also help to tighten team communities, boost confidence levels and give employees the extra drive needed to achieve near impossible goals.

Whether you choose a cycling tour, an adventure tour or one in air conditioned comfort, international trips provide a great incentive for encouraging hard work and increased productivity. While this may be a more costly excursion than a weekend getaway, team members will work towards achieving a common goal, always going the extra mile to achieve their very best. If your company is in need of a drastic change, incentive groups can help to put your business on the road to success.

How Incentive Groups Can Help Your Corporate Team

Incentive Groups

Incentive Groups

After a long day at work, sometimes we all lack a little motivation. Staff incentives can help to give your employees that extra touch of enthusiasm, which may be needed to reach your ultimate goal. Not only are incentive groups a great way to give staff a little extra drive in their working day, but they’re also a great way to show your appreciation and reward the hardworking efforts of your corporate team. Incentive groups are beneficial for both employers and their employees, as employers experience elevated levels in productivity and quality of work, while employees reap the benefits by indulging themselves in a weekend away or a dinner at a five star restaurant.

Benefits of Incentive Groups

It has been proven that happy staff often provide a higher quality of work and are much more productive than those who dread going to work each day. Showing your corporate team members how much you truly appreciate their hard work, by spoiling them with a weekend escape or a team dinner, can really lift the spirit of an office. Companies who have introduced incentive groups often report that productivity levels have risen drastically, as well as staff morale.

What will you get from an Incentive Group?

DNA Event Management prides itself on providing businesses with the help and support they need, in order to implement a successful incentive program. Programs can be specifically tailored to suit the needs of clients and will be strategically designed around achieving both your financial and business goals. The right kind of incentive group can assist in motivating staff, ultimately helping your company to reach desired business targets and objectives.

Types of Incentives

Whatever your budget and whatever your style, DNA Event Management can create a personalised incentive program for you and your company. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, incentive groups can be created to reward staff with holidays in a number of world class international destinations. If you are searching for something on a slightly smaller scale, however, incentives can also range from a group dinner to a weekend away or even tickets to a sporting event. Many corporate organisations are now opting to create incentives that are fun, but which still provide a valuable learning experience for all participants. Group activities such as adventure tours or team building activities are popular and can easily be organised through your event management company.

DNA Event Management

DNA Event Management

If you are looking for something to boost your competitive edge in the market, an incentive group may be just the thing you’re searching for. Incentive groups can help to create a better team morale, with more trust, dedication and willingness among staff members. Creating a more pleasant work environment can improve productivity dramatically and enhance the overall performance of a company. To change the direction of your company and set your course for success, implement an incentive group in your workplace today!