Top Reasons For Hosting a Corporate Party

Corporate parties are a lot of fun. Often, co-workers do not have the time to get to know each other on a personal level, and they are unable to really learn about each other’s true personalities. Fortunately, a corporate party gives them the time to do that. In order to make the party even more exciting, consider the following themes.

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End of the Year Celebration

In some places of work, employees do not see each other for several months at a time, and this is most common in schools. To really bring the theme to life, you could serve food from popular summer vacation destinations and decorate the room with all of the colours of summer. You might want to have a semi-formal session where everyone says what they are doing for the summer, or you could just allow everyone to mingle.

Celebrations for the Holidays

Yes, Christmas themed parties are very popular, and so many companies have them. The reason is that they are full of joy, so be sure to decorate the room appropriately. You can have items that represent the faith of all your employees and some secular pieces for those who are not religious. In fact, you could have Father Christmas come to visit and bring everyone a small token of appreciation! Serving foods that match the traditional cuisine of the holidays are another way to really intensify the theme you are trying to display.

A Costume Party

In many work environments, people always have to be dressed up. They are constantly wearing suits, dresses and other formal pieces of clothing; therefore, a costume party gives them the chance to show off their inner personalities and, quite literally, wear whatever they would like to. At these types of celebrations, it’s a lot of fun to have prizes for the best costume, most original costume, scariest costume and so forth. You could throw this celebration around Halloween as this holiday is starting to become a little bit more popular in the region or at any time of the year.

A Holiday Themed Party

Even for those employees who absolutely love their jobs, they still want to think about holidays to their favourite destinations. Bring them a little bit of those dreams into the corporate party. For example, you could poll workers to find out what some of the top travel destinations are, and then incorporate decorations, souvenirs and other items from that region into the party. Furthermore, you should find out what foods are popular in those regions, and serve them to all of the guests. Little paper suitcases could act as the invitations if you really want to infuse the theme into all aspects of the party.

Having a themed party is so much fun for you and your employees. No matter which theme you choose to employ at the celebration, it’s certainly to be remembered for a very long time. Contact a reputable Australian event management company for assistance.

5 Global Events to Look Forward to in 2013

There are plenty of amazing events to look forward to in 2013, and both yearly events and one time celebrations will be had in the new year. It’s always great to be able to enjoy an event on a global scale because it brings the entire world together rather than just a subset of the world population. If you are looking for a huge event to enjoy this year, then you should look into the details of these big five global events.

1 – 2013 UEFA Champions League Final

One of the biggest sporting events of this year will be held at Wembley Stadium in London, England on May 25th. The Champions League Final is a ridiculously large event every year, and it is likely that this year will be the biggest event ever for the most important football club tournament final of the year.

2 – The Debut of Wearable Technology

It seems that 2013 is going to be the year of wearable technology, and there will be plenty of events to look forward to when it comes to computers that you will be able to wear on your wrist or on your face. Google’s Glass project seems to be getting closer to an actual release date, and the date that those glasses are released will surely be a worldwide event for everyone to enjoy. One release date in the world of wearable tech that has been set is the date when Pebble will be available for purchase. Pebble is a Bluetooth companion for smartphones that allows people to control various aspects of their Internet connected lives from a wristwatch. This piece of wearable tech goes on sale on January 23rd.

3 – Glastonbury Festival

The biggest music festival of the year will likely be Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom. This festival routinely achieves an attendance rate that almost hits 200,000 people per day, making it by far the biggest festival in the world. This year’s festival will be held from June 26 to June 30, and it will feature such widely known acts as Beyonce and Coldplay.

4 – The Cadillac Super Cruise Release

Autonomous cars are now here. Cadillac is releasing the Super Cruise this year, which will be one of the first cars to include a semi-autonomous driving system. You will actually be able to let the car take over the responsibility of moving around when you are in heavy traffic, which is something that many people did not expect to see for a few more years. This will be one of the first true tests for autonomous cars on the road.

5 – 2013 Confederations Cup

You cannot talk about the biggest events of a calendar year without mentioning an international soccer tournament.The biggest soccer tournament of 2013 will be the Confederations Cup, which will be held in Brazil. This tournament will run from June 15 to June 30, and it will give the world a small preview of what to expect from next year’s World Cup.

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World’s Best Events of the Christmas Season

The holiday season is one of the happiest times of the year, with shop fronts transforming into Christmas wonderlands and joy filling the heart of every young child. Whether you’re spoiling your children or you’re a big kid at heart, the holiday season offers some of the best events throughout the entire calendar year. Events range from extravagant Christmas displays and traditional exhibitions to party celebrations on the beach. However you choose to spend your Christmas season, be sure to check out some of these world class events.

Christmas at the Rockefeller Center

Transforming into a winter wonderland, the Rockefeller Center in New York City truly puts on a show to remember. Visitors can take their pick from a number of fun festivities, including the tree lighting ceremony, a spin in the ice skating rink or watching all the magic from an exclusive area in Rockefeller Plaza. This Christmas extravaganza attracts millions of visitors each year, with families travelling from all around the world to see the events between November and January.

World's Best Christmas Events

World's Best Christmas Events (Photo by Vince Alongi)

International Festival of Advent & Christmas Music

For a more traditional approach to the holiday season, you can’t go past a trip to Prague for the International Festival of Advent & Christmas Music. The event has been held consecutively for 22 years and combines a traditional display of performances from chamber, mixed, homogeneous, homophonic and big group choirs.

Full Moon Party

For those who are looking to party through the holiday season, there’s no beating the spectacular sights of the Full Moon Party, located in Ko Pha Ngan. While this celebration occurs during every full moon, the greatest festivities are enjoyed throughout December and January. Millions of travellers flock to the shores of Ko Pha Ngan to party until the early hours of the morning, drink a lot of alcohol, dance the night away and, of course, see the breathtaking full moon.

Christmas around the World

One of the largest nativity displays in the world can be found in the beautiful surrounds of California. This extravagant event attracts thousands of visitors each year, from all across the world. Adults, children and people of all ages will enjoy the elegant displays of Christmas tradition, which truly brings the spirit back to the season. The event features more than 2000 nativity displays, from over 40 different countries. Everything about Christmas has found its way to California, with in excess of 600 nutcrackers, vintage nativity scenes and artistic seasonal designs being displayed at the event.

This Christmas, when you’re sitting back and enjoying one of the many festivities on offer, spare a thought for the hard working efforts of the event management company who orchestrated this extravagant affair. Years of preparation often go into creating unforgettable events, particularly those of worldwide proportions. Teams of event planners spend every waking moment creating a magical event for your family to enjoy – what better to spread the Christmas spirit!