5 Step Process to Solving an Event Crisis

No one wants to experience a crisis at an event; however, sometimes, these types of things do happen. It’s always important to have a plan figured out before the event starts, so you do not become frustrated and flustered if a crisis does occur.

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Explaining Emergency Evacuation Routes

At the start of the event, you should spend a moment or two familiarising people with the room. Let them know where emergency exits are, or, at the least, be sure that the signs are fairly obvious. The party space should also have notes regarding what to do if there is a fire, and emergency numbers should be readily available.

The Cause of the Problem

Some crisis situations are not possible to handle by yourself, but you can do the best you can at managing them. For example, let’s say that a group of people start screaming that another person has fallen to the ground. The first problem is not the individuals screaming; it is getting to the person who has fallen. Therefore, you need to address the most serious issue first, and then you can handle the smaller repercussions later on.

Organising the People

If something does happen, either you or an associate needs to start organising everyone. For example, let’s return to the person who is lying on the floor. Having a crowd of individuals gasping and telling you what to do is not going to be helpful. Therefore, you need to let people know that they have to move away from the scene. If possible, put someone else in charge of this task. He or she can lead people to the other side of the room, and explain the importance of giving the other individual room to receive help.

Looking for Professional Help

Maybe one of the chandeliers on the ceiling has crashed to the floor or an electrical outlet seems to not be working. After ensuring that everyone in the area is okay, it’s time to start looking for professional help. Trying to clean up glass or playing with the electric by yourself can be extremely dangerous. The reception venue will be able to take care of the problem for you, and, if not, the staff will have people who they can call to the deal with the issue. Do not try to take on everything by yourself.

Remaining Calm

The words calm and crisis generally do not belong together. However, if you are the head of the company, people are going to look toward you for an example. The moment you begin to panic, the rest of the individuals in attendance will do so too. Try to remain focused on solving the issue in the best way that you can, and stay as calm as humanly possible.

It’s unfortunate that event crises happen, but they are a part of life. Therefore, it’s important to know how to handle these situations when they do arise. This will be a result of successful event management practices.

5 Global Events to Look Forward to in 2013

There are plenty of amazing events to look forward to in 2013, and both yearly events and one time celebrations will be had in the new year. It’s always great to be able to enjoy an event on a global scale because it brings the entire world together rather than just a subset of the world population. If you are looking for a huge event to enjoy this year, then you should look into the details of these big five global events.

1 – 2013 UEFA Champions League Final

One of the biggest sporting events of this year will be held at Wembley Stadium in London, England on May 25th. The Champions League Final is a ridiculously large event every year, and it is likely that this year will be the biggest event ever for the most important football club tournament final of the year.

2 – The Debut of Wearable Technology

It seems that 2013 is going to be the year of wearable technology, and there will be plenty of events to look forward to when it comes to computers that you will be able to wear on your wrist or on your face. Google’s Glass project seems to be getting closer to an actual release date, and the date that those glasses are released will surely be a worldwide event for everyone to enjoy. One release date in the world of wearable tech that has been set is the date when Pebble will be available for purchase. Pebble is a Bluetooth companion for smartphones that allows people to control various aspects of their Internet connected lives from a wristwatch. This piece of wearable tech goes on sale on January 23rd.

3 – Glastonbury Festival

The biggest music festival of the year will likely be Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom. This festival routinely achieves an attendance rate that almost hits 200,000 people per day, making it by far the biggest festival in the world. This year’s festival will be held from June 26 to June 30, and it will feature such widely known acts as Beyonce and Coldplay.

4 – The Cadillac Super Cruise Release

Autonomous cars are now here. Cadillac is releasing the Super Cruise this year, which will be one of the first cars to include a semi-autonomous driving system. You will actually be able to let the car take over the responsibility of moving around when you are in heavy traffic, which is something that many people did not expect to see for a few more years. This will be one of the first true tests for autonomous cars on the road.

5 – 2013 Confederations Cup

You cannot talk about the biggest events of a calendar year without mentioning an international soccer tournament.The biggest soccer tournament of 2013 will be the Confederations Cup, which will be held in Brazil. This tournament will run from June 15 to June 30, and it will give the world a small preview of what to expect from next year’s World Cup.

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Essentials for any Business Conference

Business conferences are conducted on varying scales, from international meetings to internal discussions amongst colleagues. No matter how large or small your next conference may be, there are a number of factors that will greatly contribute to its success. When planning a business conference you should first determine the need or desired outcomes from the event. Once you have determined the reason for your conference, you will be able to more easily manage the following essentials for making your conference one to remember.


A budget is an essential planning tool for any major event, whether you’re planning a conference, a party or a product launch. If you’re organising your conference on behalf of your company, be sure to approach your management team about a budget early on in the planning stage. Being aware of your budget will enable you to plan accordingly, sourcing suppliers and vendors that are within your spending means. Acquiring your budget will also help you in deciding upon necessities and wants for your conference, eliminating any unnecessary purchases that exceed your budget limitations.

Timelines & Schedules

Creating timelines and schedules for the day is almost equally as important as devising your budget. A timeline that outlines the occurrences in the coming weeks before your event is ideal for keeping track of progress. Particularly with business conferences, timelines provide a great source of information for when guest speakers need to be contacted and when RSVPs should be submitted. A schedule for the day it also vitally important, allowing you to ensure that your conference is running on time, without any unnecessary delays.

Promotional Materials

For any business event, you should always consider the use of promotional materials. Business conferences often provide the ideal environment for introducing a new product or service, along with better informing employees about upcoming promotions or new merchandise.

Event Management

Employing the services of a reputable event planning company can be the difference between a successful business conference and an irreparable disaster. Event management companies provide a number of unbeatable services, including the organisation of venue hire and catering, along with recommendations for the placement of services or promotional presentations. While you may outlay an initial cost when employing an event planner, you can ultimately save hundreds of dollars, as reputable event management companies often have deals with industry vendors.

Conference Planning

Conference Planning (Photo by ilyinov)

Confirmation of Guest Speakers

The final step of your essential planning list for any business conference is to reconfirm the attendance of your guest speaker. Where business events are concerned, the keynote speaker is often the reason why many guests are attending, making it imperative that you confirm their presence on the day.

Organising a business conference, either internally or externally, can be a great skill to hold, providing invaluable work experience for many employees. If you’re in need of professional assistance for your next business conference, consider employing the services of a reputable event management company, helping to eliminate the stress of unforeseen circumstances on the day.

Popular Types of Business Events

If your company needs to add a bit of spice to their regime, it may be time to create a captivating business event. Various types of business events can increase employee morale, improve workplace productivity, gain exposure for a new product or service and provide the chance for important parties to meet and discuss future plans. Ensure that your company is heading in the right direction, by organising an inspiring business event for employees or members of the public. With differing options for events, it’s often difficult to know which one is right for your needs. Read on to find out more about planning the perfect conference, seminar or incentive group getaway.

Product Launch

A product launch can either make or break a new company, with many businesses pinning their hopes and ambitions on this one event. One of the most crucial business events, product launches need to be executed with precision timing; incorporating the use of expert event planners, marketing gurus and advertising professionals.
Looking back upon past product launches, many of the most successful companies take advantage of the lead up to the day, just as much as the actual event. Creating hype and awareness about your new product is one of the best ways to attract interested customers.

Conferences & Seminars

Most employers and employees are likely to have attended some kind of business conference or seminar throughout their career. Conferences can be both internal and external events, commonly involving either employees or clients and shareholders. The topic of conferences will vary from business to business, commonly involving company progress, annual reporting and updates on industry practices.

Conferences and seminars can be organised either in house or with the services of an event management company. If you’ve been enlisted with the responsibility of planning a business event for your company, it is important to remember that conference planning can easily become expensive and incredibly time consuming. While conferences are one of the most common business events, it is crucial that you work within your budget and are well prepared, to ensure the success of your event.

Business Events

Business Events (Photo by Phillie Casablanca)

Incentive Group Events

This type of event is most commonly an employee favourite. Incentive groups are often created for corporate teams and involve setting goals with rewards for high achievements. Event management companies can tailor a range of programs to suit the needs of your company, with rewards ranging from dinner vouchers to international team getaways. Incentive groups continue to become more popular as companies begin to realise the benefits of these events. Incentive groups can boost employee morale and drastically improve workplace productivity, helping businesses to achieve desired results.

Business events can help to change the direction of a company, leading it to achieve financial targets and exceed desired objectives.

Australia’s Biggest Business Conferences in 2013

If you are a business professional, you will understand the importance of the invaluable information you can receive, at annual business conferences all across Australia. Each year, thousands of industry experts gather to share their knowledge and concerns of future plans, including infrastructure strategies and environmental issues. Behind the scenes of these business conferences, event management teams, such as DNA Event Management, use their expertise in conference planning to ensure that attendees get the most out of their experience. Event organisers will ensure that networking opportunities are available, along with an abundance of knowledgeable guest speakers. For the latest in the Australian business sector, be sure to check out the following conferences in 2013.

Sixth Annual Queensland Infrastructure Summit

Held in the sophisticated surrounds of the Hilton Hotel Brisbane, the 6th Annual Queensland Infrastructure Summit will focus on providing businesses with strategic infrastructure methods in uncertain financial times. Organisers of the conference recognise the unpredictable economy of Australia and aim at providing information regarding how upcoming change to Queensland infrastructure will benefit the state tremendously. Speakers at the conference will include members of parliament, state officials and business professionals. The conference will be held over two days, from 26-27 March, 2013, with tickets already available for purchase.

Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation

The Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation Conference, for 2013, will outline major current issues, such as green procurement, methods of renewable energy and waste management. The conference will be held in Melbourne, in 2013, in conjunction with the Australian Healthy Cities conference, a major annual event for the business sector. Regardless of the industry for which you work, the ‘Taking Care of Business’ conference will provide valuable information regarding transforming your business into a more sustainable model for the future. Organisers of the event have also created a vast amount of networking opportunities for attendees of the conference, enabling them to create relationships with fellow business professionals sharing the same view of a sustainable future.

Fourth Annual WA Major Projects Conference 2013

Attracting over 350 delegates each year, the Western Australia Major Projects Conference remains to be the largest infrastructure and project management conference in the state. Western Australia is one of the most rapidly growing capital cities in all of Australia, with incredible amounts of infrastructure currently happening throughout the state. Major projects continue to grow, putting an emphasis on the need for an annual conference for all business professionals to remain informed. Research has shown that if Western Australia continues to grow at such a rapid rate, there will be a high demand for improvements of infrastructure well into the year 2031. With such a positive future on the horizon for Western Australia, this is one business conference that should not be missed by any keen business professionals, investors and industry experts.