Best International Festivals in 2013

With so many amazing and eccentric festivals being held all year round across the globe, you’d be mad not to include at least one in your travel itinerary if you’re planning a trip overseas in 2013.

Given the sheer volume of incredible events happening globally in 2013, it can become near impossible to choose which ones you want to be a part of. But worry not, we’ve put together a list of the best and most outstanding festivals to check out and immerse yourself in.

La Tomatina – Spain

Every summer in Spain, tourists and travellers from all over the globe swamp the town of Bunol in Valencia to take part in this curious event. Thousands of participants flood the streets for the world’s biggest tomato fight. Trucks haul loads of tomatoes in and punters pelt each other with them for anywhere between 1 – 2 hours. It’s messy, it smells, but what an amazing way to spend an afternoon. La Tomatina occurs on the last Wednesday of August each year.

La Tomatina - courtesy of lysurgis23 on flickr

Carnival – Brazil

Every year, Rio de Janeiro lights up with quite possibly the largest culmination of sparkles, feathers and lycra on the planet. There’s dancing, parades, music, parties, and the most elaborate costumes and parade floats in existence. All across the city, events are held in celebration of Carnival, including balls, dance workshops, performances, street parties, and much more. The next Carnival will begin on February 8th 2013 and the partying continues until February 12th.

Glastonbury – UK

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is one of the biggest and most well known music festivals on the planet. Each year, punters travel to Glastonbury to see some of the most renowned and influential bands and musicians perform live over four huge days. If you love live music, it’s not to be missed. This year the festival falls on the 26th – 30th of June. Keep a close eye out for the next ticket release in April.

Burning Man – USA

This is an event which almost defies description. Picture a flat, arid, dusty patch of desert, miles from nowhere. Now picture a temporary city of ten thousand, erected in this space with the sole purpose of partying, dancing, performing, and becoming part of an amazing temporary community. The desert fills with interesting characters, awe-inspiring sculptures, dazzling lights and eclectic music. There are no cars allowed, and there is nowhere to buy food and drinks – the event works on a system of sharing. Bring your most outrageous outfits! The next burning man will be held August 26th – Sept 2nd.

San Fermin – Spain

Of course you’ve heard of the running of the bulls, well San Fermin is the week long festival in spain that gave wind to this well known tradition. Punters travel to Pamplona to run through the streets avoiding the pointed horns of a group of not-so-friendly bulls while spectators look on in awe. During the San Fermin festival, there is a bull running event each day at 8am from July 7th to July 14th. The festival also hosts pyrotechnic displays, street parties, and other unique events.

These are just a handful of the amazing events on offer in 2013, but they are certainly the most unique and our top picks for prospective punters. Whether you’re off on holiday, looking for artistic inspiration, seeking thrills or maybe even looking for the best examples of large-scale events for an event planning company, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Whatever direction you choose to take, there’s no doubt than any one of these will create memories you’ll never let go of.

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