Australia’s Biggest Business Conferences in 2013

If you are a business professional, you will understand the importance of the invaluable information you can receive, at annual business conferences all across Australia. Each year, thousands of industry experts gather to share their knowledge and concerns of future plans, including infrastructure strategies and environmental issues. Behind the scenes of these business conferences, event management teams, such as DNA Event Management, use their expertise in conference planning to ensure that attendees get the most out of their experience. Event organisers will ensure that networking opportunities are available, along with an abundance of knowledgeable guest speakers. For the latest in the Australian business sector, be sure to check out the following conferences in 2013.

Sixth Annual Queensland Infrastructure Summit

Held in the sophisticated surrounds of the Hilton Hotel Brisbane, the 6th Annual Queensland Infrastructure Summit will focus on providing businesses with strategic infrastructure methods in uncertain financial times. Organisers of the conference recognise the unpredictable economy of Australia and aim at providing information regarding how upcoming change to Queensland infrastructure will benefit the state tremendously. Speakers at the conference will include members of parliament, state officials and business professionals. The conference will be held over two days, from 26-27 March, 2013, with tickets already available for purchase.

Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation

The Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation Conference, for 2013, will outline major current issues, such as green procurement, methods of renewable energy and waste management. The conference will be held in Melbourne, in 2013, in conjunction with the Australian Healthy Cities conference, a major annual event for the business sector. Regardless of the industry for which you work, the ‘Taking Care of Business’ conference will provide valuable information regarding transforming your business into a more sustainable model for the future. Organisers of the event have also created a vast amount of networking opportunities for attendees of the conference, enabling them to create relationships with fellow business professionals sharing the same view of a sustainable future.

Fourth Annual WA Major Projects Conference 2013

Attracting over 350 delegates each year, the Western Australia Major Projects Conference remains to be the largest infrastructure and project management conference in the state. Western Australia is one of the most rapidly growing capital cities in all of Australia, with incredible amounts of infrastructure currently happening throughout the state. Major projects continue to grow, putting an emphasis on the need for an annual conference for all business professionals to remain informed. Research has shown that if Western Australia continues to grow at such a rapid rate, there will be a high demand for improvements of infrastructure well into the year 2031. With such a positive future on the horizon for Western Australia, this is one business conference that should not be missed by any keen business professionals, investors and industry experts.

How Incentive Groups Can Help Your Corporate Team

Incentive Groups

Incentive Groups

After a long day at work, sometimes we all lack a little motivation. Staff incentives can help to give your employees that extra touch of enthusiasm, which may be needed to reach your ultimate goal. Not only are incentive groups a great way to give staff a little extra drive in their working day, but they’re also a great way to show your appreciation and reward the hardworking efforts of your corporate team. Incentive groups are beneficial for both employers and their employees, as employers experience elevated levels in productivity and quality of work, while employees reap the benefits by indulging themselves in a weekend away or a dinner at a five star restaurant.

Benefits of Incentive Groups

It has been proven that happy staff often provide a higher quality of work and are much more productive than those who dread going to work each day. Showing your corporate team members how much you truly appreciate their hard work, by spoiling them with a weekend escape or a team dinner, can really lift the spirit of an office. Companies who have introduced incentive groups often report that productivity levels have risen drastically, as well as staff morale.

What will you get from an Incentive Group?

DNA Event Management prides itself on providing businesses with the help and support they need, in order to implement a successful incentive program. Programs can be specifically tailored to suit the needs of clients and will be strategically designed around achieving both your financial and business goals. The right kind of incentive group can assist in motivating staff, ultimately helping your company to reach desired business targets and objectives.

Types of Incentives

Whatever your budget and whatever your style, DNA Event Management can create a personalised incentive program for you and your company. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, incentive groups can be created to reward staff with holidays in a number of world class international destinations. If you are searching for something on a slightly smaller scale, however, incentives can also range from a group dinner to a weekend away or even tickets to a sporting event. Many corporate organisations are now opting to create incentives that are fun, but which still provide a valuable learning experience for all participants. Group activities such as adventure tours or team building activities are popular and can easily be organised through your event management company.

DNA Event Management

DNA Event Management

If you are looking for something to boost your competitive edge in the market, an incentive group may be just the thing you’re searching for. Incentive groups can help to create a better team morale, with more trust, dedication and willingness among staff members. Creating a more pleasant work environment can improve productivity dramatically and enhance the overall performance of a company. To change the direction of your company and set your course for success, implement an incentive group in your workplace today!